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Waiting For Your Call... Since 1965

Crown Courier is a family business which started in 1965 with one truck and a growing customer base, some of whom are still our clients today.

Originally the business was focused on scheduled mail pickups to and from the Post Office and interoffice deliveries. Our customer base soon began to grow and new services were added including floral deliveries and pickups from local industries. Over the years, we have added many additional services for our customers and our delivery specialists are now computer dispatched to increase efficiency and raise the level of service for our clients.

In 2005, we developed The Complete Delivery Solution ™ to provide our clients with an enhanced method for managing deliveries. As a service addition to our complete set of delivery options, this unique process helps you develop and implement a Complete Delivery Plan.


Left to right: Holly Finnegan, Robbie Ogram, Ela Kotarski,
Bev Finnegan, Reta Finnegan, Andrew Finch,
Carrie Muise, Tracy Nelson

Our team provides you with a professional group of dedicated staff and drivers who have been with us for years. You can expect reliable, friendly service as a Crown Courier customer. We are committed to helping you meet or exceed your delivery needs, strengthen your customer relationships and grow your business.

We value your business and aim to please because, after all, we have been waiting for your call since 1965.

Crown Courier

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