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Q. Why should I register for an online shipping account?
A. Only registered users can:

  1. Receive and maintain a personalized address book.
  2. Trace shipments progress, verify signature and delivery time.
  3. Maintain shipment history files.
  4. Print shipping bills
  5. Enter calls in advance

Q. What are the advantages of online shipping?
A. It's simple: Online shipping is quick, easy and always available.

Q. Are there any additional costs to online shipping?
A. No, there is no additional cost. All that is required is a computer and an Internet connection.

Q. Do I need any special shipping paper or labels to ship online?
A. No, all you need is to make sure your package has the deliver to address clearly marked on it. If you require a copy of the shipping request you can either print one out when you have completed the online call or go back to order search and reprint the order.

Q. How can I become an online shipper?
A. There are two ways to become an online shipper:

  1. Account customers can register with online shipping to receive a User ID and password to start shipping. Once registered, customers can ship right away.
  2. New customers can phone or email crown and fill out a credit application to get your account started and we will then contact you regarding ID and passwords for online use.

Q. How can I seek help regarding online shipping?
A. You have two options to receive assistance:

  1. Email us at
  2. Call our office at 748-1600.

Q. Are your drivers bondable?
A. Yes, all of Crown Couriers drivers are bonded

Q. Are your drivers in uniform?
A. Yes, all of Crown Couriers drivers are in full uniform.

Q. What areas do you service on a daily basis?
A. Crown Courier services: Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, Elmira, St. Jacobs, Ayr and Breslau and Toronto(discount rush) on a daily basis. Eliminating overnight service for those areas.

Q. Will the driver deliver to the floor number provided by us the client?
A. Yes, Crown Courier will deliver to the floor requested, or when a specific contact person is requested.

Q. Do you have same day service to Toronto and coming back to K-W?
A. Yes, Crown Courier has a Discount rush to Toronto and return. Crown Courier also has a discount rush from Toronto to K-W or to any city we service regular.

Q. What is the largest vehicle you have?
A. The largest vehicle we have is a transport, which is 48ft truck with barn style doors.

Q. Will you pick up after hours?
A. Yes, if you have a Crown Courier account, the drivers are available 24 hours for rush service. Our pager number is 519-741-4985.

Q. Do you deliver to the United States?
A. Yes, we have 3 services to the United States, rush, overnight and ground service.

Q. Will your drivers do a second stop?
A. Yes, Crowns drivers will do a second or multiple stops to the same city (call a customer professional for details)


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