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As part of our Complete Delivery Solution, Crown Courier now offers mail metering.  A necessary part of many businesses day to day workload.  Now Crown can lighten the load for you.  When you sign up for our metering service, we'll pickup your mail, meter it at our office and deliver it to Canada Post same day.

Your mail will be picked up at the same time each day and you will have a substantial savings on the cost of metering your mail.  Not only can you eliminate the cost of leasing a meter, you can eliminate the consumable costs that go along with it.

  • service costs
  • sealing fluid
  • labour costs
  • metering ink
  • insurance costs
  • meter refill fees

Effective June 30, 2007, Canada Post will decertify all postage meters that are not fully compliant with its new security, digital indicia and usage reporting requirements.  This means if your meter isn't up-to-date, you're going to need a new one.  Keeping your meter up-to-date is a continuous cycle, like having to replace your computer.  Let Crown take care of that for you.  Our equipment is always up-to-date with Canada Post regulations.         

Call us today to find out how our metering service can work for you.


Pickup available in Kitchener, Waterloo and Guelph.





















1. Pick Up

Your mail will be picked up by Crown Courier, in bags provided to you by Crown Courier at the end of the day









2. Metering

When your mail arrives at our facility, it is metered same day with a digitally compliant meter






3. Delivery

After metering is complete, the mail is sent to your local Canada Post Processing Centre where it is sent to its final destination

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