The Complete Delivery Solution

As a member of our program,  you will have a complete system for managing your delivery needs. And, most importantly, you will  be meeting or exceeding your delivery needs, strengthening your customer relationships, and growing your business.

The Complete Delivery Solution™ provides a complete system for managing your delivery needs.

It will help you:

  • meet or exceed your delivery needs;
  • streamline your carriers
  • strengthen your customer relationships, and;
  • grow your business.

The Complete Delivery Solution™ is designed specifically for decision makers who have complex  needs and require high volume delivery solutions. Our clients care about their customers and want to  provide them the best service possible. They are very busy, value their time, understand and value a long term relationship with a supplier they can trust.

The Process Stages

The Complete Delivery Introduction™

Gives you an opportunity to experience our service and explore new ideas for improving your delivery efficiency and results.

The Complete Delivery Workshop™

A complementary review and planning session to help you clarify your current situation – both strengths and weaknesses – and develop clear goals for your delivery program.

The Critical Delivery Planner™

A detailed assessment of your priority customers, and critical delivery needs. Together we identify your  challenges and opportunities and develop strategies for achieving your goals.

The Critical Delivery Plan™

A delivery policy and procedures document, unique to you and your critical needs. Your plan includes specific customer requirements, budgeting, coordination, and other key information.

The Complete Delivery System™

An integrated system of capabilities, resources, expertise, and strategic partners focused on helping you achieve your goals.

The Delivery Success Review™

Regular progress review sessions to acknowledge your success and address new opportunities and  challenges as they arise.

The Wasted Opportunities Trap

We created The Complete Delivery Solution™ to help our clients avoid or escape something we call The Wasted Opportunities Trap.

When you are stuck in this trap you may:

  • have problems coordinating deliveries
  • do not have a set plan or policies for managing deliveries
  • treat deliveries as an afterthought in your business process
  • find organizing deliveries to be time consuming and stressful
  • have too many last minute deliveries, and feel you are at the mercy of courier companies when
  • you need rush service
  • find pricing options confusing and have trouble accurately budgeting for delivery costs
  • have no delivery standards or policies in place for top priority customers
  • end up wasting time and money

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